Thursday, August 2, 2007

What are Decrypted Views?

Decrypted Views allow users to see encrypted data as original table data, while the data is still encrypted.

To allow for applications to access physically encrypted data, the Encryption Wizard Administrator can optionally create decrypted views against any table with encrypted data.

Decrypted Views display data in unencrypted format, and thus allow applications to seamlessly read and/or write to the decrypted data objects through the use of an automatically generated instead-of database trigger created for each view. Decrypted views can be dynamically created and dropped at any time through the Encryption Wizard User Interface or the Encryption Wizard API.

Decrypted views are objects that appear as regular tables displaying original data to applications or users with the appropriate privileges.We can create decrypted views in any schema with the appropriate privileges to view the underlying encrypted base table.This will allow applications with the appropriate privileges to view or change encrypted data.

Why buy encryption software that doesn't automate this process?

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Betty said...

Very well explained. I am not having much idea about this important concept but after reading the above article I have understood what decrypted views are meant for. These views serves with multiple benefits and allows to view or change the encrypted data in an application.
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