Thursday, August 2, 2007

Data Encryption Software Requires Power With a Slick Interface

A Good Database Encryption Tool Will Automate Encryption at the Schema, Table or Column level.

Everyone, it seems, sells software out there with terrible user interfaces. A good database encryption tool should make your security efforts easier, not harder. Different applications require different levels of security.

Schema Level Encryption is the most powerful of the three levels of Encryption. When using Schema Level Encryption, all one must do is specify a schema by using a pick-list.

When we choose Schema Level Encryption, we are instructing the Encryption Wizard to encrypt all valid columns for that schema. Encryption of this type should not be performed until you are comfortable using the Encryption Wizard.

Schema encryption does not imply that your complete schema will always be encrypted. If new tables are added to your schema, the Encryption Wizard will not be aware of them unless you choose schema encryption again to protect the remaining tables.

When you choose to encrypt a single table without selecting any columns, the Encryption Wizard will, of course, attempt to encrypt every valid column within that table. As discussed in the features page, columns that are primary keys, unique keys, foreign keys, default values, and conditional constraints are skipped.

When employing Table Encryption, specify a schema and table name by using the two uppermost pick list that appears on the Encryption / Decryption screen. Choose both the schema owner and table name of the object that you want encrypted. After table encryption, all columns that appear on the right of the screen will be encrypted.

Column Level Encryption is the fine-grain level of encryption for the Encryption Wizard. With column encryption you specify and encrypt distinct column(s) only.

To define encryption at this level, first chose the table owner and table name from the two uppermost pick-lists that appear at the top of the Encryption / Decryption Screen. Once you have chosen the appropriate table to encrypt, simply click on those column(s) you wish to encrypt that appear in the column list on the right of screen.

A freindly and intuitive encryption interface allows your mind to remain focused on what is important:

Securing your valuable Oracle data.

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Today Data encryption is a very important feature for any Software. so a good database encryption tool should make your security efforts easier, not harder. Therefore it is important to choose right tool.

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