Thursday, August 2, 2007

Database Encryption Should Have Point and Click Management Screens

Easy Management Tools Encourage Good Practices With Encryption.

The real value of encryption software like the Encryption Wizard for Oracle is its easy-to-use and well-organized management features.

Notice that the Manage Encrypted Data Screen has a similar format to the Encryption Decryption Screen. You may manage encrypted data at the schema, table, or column level. To manage a given encrypted table - all we need to do is optionally select the schema owner and table name of the given object. Once we have selected chosen the table name from the two pick-lists, the Encryption Wizard will show us the encryption details for each column of our encrypted table. To highlight a column, simply click on the column name with your mouse.

Encrypting data and migrating applications to encrypted data sets is hard enough without being stuck without a good management tool to view and modify your encryption efforts.

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Emma said...

Its highly recommended to encrypt the database to avoid its misuse. So many tools are available to do this task but the most prominent feature that is expected is that they should be easy to operate and manage.
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